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Value Added Support Services

Every business interaction can be "mission critical" especially when the interaction needed face-to-face in cost effective manner. The closer you get to being there, the more important the interaction. We going to offer soon cost-effective videoconferencing services and solutions with unparalleled attention to your objectives, anywhere around the globe you may need to meet.

Web Hosting Service

STPI offers the facility of Web Hosting on genuine cost using high end web server. Space on the web server can be obtained immediately as per requirement.

Some points are given below regarding the services:

High speed network.
Servers are directly connected to Internet back-bone.
Options are available for Operating System.
Backup links are available.
The server is reachable with the minimum number of network hops.
Bundled package is available for the customers who have subscribed for SoftLink services with STPI, wherein STPI will host the customer's domains free of cost.
24/7 expert support is available from our NOC (Network Operation center) incase of any problems.
24/7 uninterrupted power supply with DG back-up

For tariff details, please contact : STPI _ KOLKATA  (NOC)- 033-23673598

FTP Facility

STPI offers FTP Facility to Software exporters wherever you have need of higher bandwidth for upload/download of bulk data beyond the capacity of data link availed . Services can be availed from the following locations :

Software Technology Parks of India(STPI),
Sector-V, Saltlake Electronic Complex
Kolkata - 700091
serves you 24 hours a day, seven days a week service through its Round-the-Clock Helpdesk to ensure the quality and reliably of your transmissions.
Video Conferencing Facility

Most professionals travel often for conferences, discussions and meetings. The expenses involved, the time spent and the stress associated can all be done away with, by utilizing the technologies available today. Meetings can be held across the screen using the Video Conferencing technology.

The STPI - Hyderabad which is always ahead with latest technologies, is now offering Video Conferencing Service from Hyderabad. The Video Conference sessions can be arranged with prior bookings.


Cost Effective
Key meetings at short notice, Periodic review meetings
Document sharing
Business negotiations, presentations
Ideal for Small and Medium size Entrepreneurs
For tariff details, please contact

Increased Productivity with Converged IP Services

The first ones in India to start commercial Internet services in 1993, we are a Category A ISP catering to organizations
Our experience in IP based services make us best suited to offer converged IP services on our broadband internet links. These Value added Services shall be offered to customers to increase the productivity of their existing circuits

Voice over IP

STPI shall be partnering with VoIP Implementation vendors and service providers to make Quality VoIP service and solutions possible over our reliable broadband connectivity solutions.


STPI shall soon launch its IP VPN service to provide cost effective, International Site to Site connectivity which shall score heavily over FR and other services on cost and service quality.

Business Continuity

STPI is ideally suited to provide Business Continuity & Disaster recovery services with one of the best infrastructure covering last mile, satellite infrastructure and redundant locations


The Small & Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) sector is very important to focus on the technology performance. In the developed countries SME sector is a major player and one of the reasons for its success is a reasonable equity benefits in terms of distribution income. A strong SME's sector is critical to terms of the services that it can provide to the larger enterprises and to the Medium enterprises. In the developed countries the SME's have been performing well and the similar pattern is observed in advanced developing counties. It is also known fact that in the developed countries, the large-scale enterprises are increasingly down sizing and depending on the network of SME's. Hence, the technology strong SME's system is developing countries will be essential to develop, attract and work with larger enterprises.

Incubation in STPI the 4A's

Access to Skills & Competencies.
Access to Environment for Innovation.
Access to Business and Technical Support services.
Access to Shared Office Space and Equipment.

Incubation as in STPI

STPI considers incubation as an economic development tool where the main objective is to nurture growth. It has successful international technology business incubator programmes.The following factors make STPI the most reliable one:-

Quality, affordable space within the conducive business environment.
One stop facility under one roof.
Continued Government support .
Encourage the creation of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) companies, IT enabled companies.
Create Innovation Clusters/Communities.

Incubation services as in STPI

Provides Round-the-clock Security.
Provides Round-the -clock Housekeeping.
Provides Conference-room.
Provides Video-conferencing, and other facilities.
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