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Datacom Services


Soft NET: (Data Communication Network)

One of the objectives of Software Technology Parks of India is to provide effective data communication facilities to the esteemed Software Exporters. In persuasion of this objective the STPI established its own gateways at its nodal Centers located in different parts of the country. STPI names the data communication Network owned by it as SoftNET.

SoftPOINT: (International Leased Line)

SoftPOINT offers POINT-TO-POINT International Leased HIGH SPEED DATA Communication links of 64 KBPS upto 8 MBPS. The Customer premises in India will be connected to their client located abroad by gateway which will be located at Noida through a radio link using either the point to point or point to multi point radio (TDMA) Link.

The Service will be available round the clock and charges will be fixed irrespective of the time and volume of data transferred by the user.
SoftPOINT provides Point-to-Point digital circuit from Kolkata to any part of the Globe. This service in terms of International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) is available to any country in channels of n X 64Kbps, which can be used by any organization to communicate between offices that are spread across the world.

The IPLC's are digital circuits available for international telecommunications to be used for data transmission, communication etc. IPLC's are secure and exclusive to the user, and are ideal for companies that have high volume of International data transmission. IPLC's provide efficient, reliable and secure point-to-point connection to your business partners 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. Wide range of data transmission speeds allows you to grow your services as required. The interfaces offered are V.35, G.703 etc. 

SoftPOINT Features

64 kbps to 45Mbps or higher
Resilient international routes and partners
Customer interface: V.35, X.21, G.703
Single Window-STPI will take the responsibility for both the Indian Half circuit and the local loop segments.
One Stop Shop-STPI has agreements with many International carriers for providing the single end billing for both the foreign half & Indian half circuits.
Owner operated network providing complete backup facilities, redundancy and single point of service & order processing.

Customer base for this service includes the large corporate multinational companies and companies having requirements of secure and dedicated connectivity to their partners across the globe. The many typical applications that can run over an IPLC are: Linking mainframes

Medium to bulk data transfer
Medical transcription
Call centers


SoftLINK (Shared Internet Connection)

Soft LINK is the TCP/IP based shared Internet service, which uses its own International Gateway for the upstream connectivity. At present STPI Rourkela backbone is connected through one Service providers BT to provide load balancing and fully redundancy services.

SoftLINK is an Internet service developed specially to cater to the needs of the industry and the ISP segment of the business. The TCP/IP service is called shared Internet as the upstream bandwidth is shared among the users. The user connected on the service has access to the complete Internet services available world wide such as:

FTP - (File Transfer Protocol)
Remote Login
WWW (World Wide Web)
Data base access

Features and Benefits (SoftLink)

Multi-homed network connectivity to major tier-one Internet backbones in the world like Sprint, Thaicom etc.

ISDN backup facility
Strong platforms for routing supporting diverse configurations.
Network management for end-to-end service delivery.
Secured Network

SoftLINK service by the virtue of multi-homing enjoys robust network configuration and consistent service customized for co-location. The services under SoftLINK include Internet services from 64 kbps to n * 2 mbps for software industries, corporate, ISPs, co-location server facilities etc.

Local Loop Charges (SoftLink)

The companies who are located in SDF Building ,STP-II,Infinity,Bengal Intelligent Park and the companies within SECTOR-V need not pay any extra local loop charges.
STPI Kolkata will take decision on local loop charges as per the customer options.
If customer takes care of local loop then STPI is not responsible for maintained of local loop.

How to access the SoftLINK?

SoftLINK will be managed through a Wide Area Network plan and you will be get connected to the Network You will get a port on the Ethernet Hub which will be Located in the LAN. The LAN will be further connected to the International Gateway and managed from Network Control Centre which will be located at the STPI center. The LAN set-up will be directly connected to the International Gateway through a UTP backbone, whereas the LANs in different locations will be connected to the International Gateway via a optical fiber link.

Units located outside the Complexes
You can locate your unit anywhere . STPI will provide Point-to-Point OR Point-to-Multipoint radio link upto the ROUTER at your premises. 

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