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National Internet Exchange of India

The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) is a non-profit Indian government agency established in 2003 to provide neutral Internet Exchange Point services in the country. It was established with the Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) to become the operational meeting point of Internet service providers (ISPs) in India. Its main purpose is to facilitate handing over of domestic Internet traffic between the peering ISP members, rather than using servers in the US or elsewhere. This will enable more efficient use of international bandwidth and save foreign exchange. It will further improve the Quality of Services for the customers of member ISPs, by being able to avoid multiple international hops and thus lowering delays.

NIXI is physically hosted at the major national centers of Software Technology Parks of India, currently with four operational nodes at the centers in Delhi (Noida), Mumbai (Vashi), Chennai and Kolkata (Saltlake). 

General principles

*  NIXI is not an ISP and will not provide Internet connections.
* NIXI and the ISP will enter into a membership agreement (MoU) and thereafter the peering   ISPs will enter into their own bilateral or multilateral commercial agreements as the case may be.
* NIXI will charge the member ISP as per the Schedule of Fee and Charges. The ISP will arrange for his own router/s to be placed at NIXI. Charges will include a specified rack space beyond which additional charges will apply. The connected ISP must provide and manage it thereafter.
* NIXI will not guarantee the presence of any particular service provider to peer with. Additionally, the ISP will be free to connected to NIXI via a leased line through any carrier he chooses. NIXI will be carrier neutral.
*  NIXI will not assign or provide for IP addresses, AS numbers, etc. Peering ISP's will make his own arrangements with APNIC for this. However, efforts will be made to assist during the initial handholding period of 6 months or so.




The NIXI services consists of:

Access to the layer-2 switched medium (fast Ethernet).
One IP address on the LAN with a reverse DNS mapping in the "nixi.in" domain.
24x7 watch service, 24x7 hardware maintenance and 24x7 helpdesk services on the NIXI switch.
Adding a new route within 2 working days of receiving a request, handling complaints and problems within 3 hours of receiving them within a normal working day from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Outside of these 6–8 hours will be required.
This will be applicable when the peering ISP enters into a membership agreement with NIXI and adhere to the governing rules and regulations, including that of housing their routers in the NIXI locations.


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